The Lace Wigs Store is a Canada based retailer of luxury Lace Wigs products. Each of our Lace Wigs are professionally designed and handcrafted with premium quality products. Our styles are inspired by the hottest celebrity style trends and customer feedback. Many of our competitors sell the same products we carry for hundreds more! It is our belief that every woman deserves to feel like a star! We deliver star quality but at affordable prices!

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The end of the month is near and so is our summer promotions and contest, but as always we must end with a BIG bang! 

For all you bargain hunters and special customers we are bring back the SAVE BIG PLUS USE YOUR VIP DISCOUNT AFFAIR
Spend $200 - $400 and receive $25 off 
Spend $500 and above and receive $50 off

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Here's the fun part and I'll break it down in this simple calculation:

New members: 
Spend $200 during the SAVE BIG affair and receive $25 off and an upgrade to our Bronze members club. 

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Spend $200 during the SAVE BIG affair and receive $45 off with your discount card with an upgrade to our Gold members club. 

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In addition, all orders over $100 include a free hair serum! 

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Lace Wig

The most common question is: Is this promotion still active?

Hopefully this blog serves you well! 

The following Lace Wigs promotions are still active:
1. Getaway contest 
2. Membership upgrade
3. FREE shipping
4. FREE serum with orders over a $100

Don't let these amazing opportunities pass you by. All the promotions include special requests, custom orders, clearance and ready to ship units and they all end this month. 

Have a wonderful week-end and remember that YES we are open on SUNDAYS from 12 PM - 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. 

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The Lace Wigs Store has a BIG announcement to make! Seeing our customers’ great response to our products we have decided to provide our loyal customers additional benefits. So now you can Save BIG on clearance and in stock lace wigs PLUS receive a FREE wig serum with a purchase of $100 or more.

Visit our website to also see the new variety of updated lace wigs. We have also expanded our collection We have recently updated out stocks with the latest collection of wigs. We are a one stop shop for purchasing premium lace wigs at wholesale prices. North America's prominent supplier for full and front lace wigs (also known as lace front wigs) as well as frontals, wefts and closures. 

You can be a 100% sure about our product quality with our 30 day money back guarantee offer as we have the highest quality lace wigs in the market at an affordable price. It is raining deals at our online website and store, making it the perfect time to indulge in some hair extravagance.

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The Lace Wigs Store
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Save $100 + discounts and use VIP memberships on all Special Styled Wigs selections 
from now until September 30th.

Lace Wig

As the seasons change, our selection improves! We've read your comments and 
listened to your requests and have restocked on ALL of your favorite wig designs 
due to popular demand. The store will NOW provide a selection of in-stock, special 
requests,  styled, custom and our exclusive Kapenzo™ celebrity lace wigs available 
round the clock without going out of stock.  CLICK to view the improved and expanded 
collection of straight, styled, curly and wavy lace wigs and also our popular lace wigs
with dark roots.

Also please note the following PROMOTIONS will be ending SOON:
  • The Getaway contest ends in 3 weeks
  • Summer ending promotion for further discounts ends September 30th
  • Membership upgrade promotion ends soon

Lastly, we're still accepting applications for Brand Ambassadors!

Best of the Celebrity Hairstyles with Lace Wigs

Every fashion statement starts from a celebrity first flaunting the new look and then it seeing it becoming a trend. Celebrities often resort to donning wigs as a part of style statement. The high impact that these celebrities create has resulted in hair industry following them.

Celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna have been in constant focus of media for use of hairpieces. In fact, every time they step out, they change their hairstyle and in this way endorse hot new hairstyle trends.

Lace Wigs
You might be wondering what is so special in it? The answer lies in the way they are styled. Be it full lace or lace front wig in different styles, a celebrity using them is bound to create a new trend.

When we talk about lace wigs, how can we miss mentioning Beyonce? Youngsters are often found imitating her; be it her fashionable clothes or her hair style. Beyonce is an excellent musician and is known for quite long and golden hair. Her love for lace extensions is her top accessory and she flaunts the same at all concerts and special events. So, next time you want to get ready just like her, then straight blonde hair or golden brown curly lace wig is best bet for you.

Rihanna celebrity wig is also hot on charts. It has, in fact, become the talk of town. So many girls and women throughout the world are a big fan of her hairstyles and die to don a funky hair cut like hers. So, hair industry has come out with funky lace wigs especially for Rihanna's fans to grab attention of onlookers.

After Beyonce and Rihanna, let's peep into Ciara's shoes. Ciara wig is quite popularly known for sleek, straight and long hairstyle. Women all around the globe crave for such looks. So, lace wigs have been styled using this pattern. The most awesome thing about wearing such things is that it suits every face and every skin tone.

Lace Wig
Today, lace wigs are not just restricted to those who have hair loss problems but have expanded their customer base and quietly known to create style statement. Let alone celebrities but even common people are using lace wigs to stay abreast with latest fashion trends. By wearing these, you won't have to worry about applying any hair make up on your natural hair. These wigs keep the natural hair safe and healthy.

Whether you choose straight hair, curly hair, funky hair wigs or wigs having bangs, you can be quite sure that you don't have to cut or grow your natural hair all the time as these lace wigs will minimize this job for you. They reduce the time you otherwise had taken while styling the natural hair. Just put on your favorite celebrity lace wig and there you go!

Looking like a celebrity is not a tough task now. Create a look and let others praise you.

Get a New Look Everyday With Lace Wigs!

There are times when we all know the answer but we still ask the question, same is the case in here. Recently I met a few people who were real curious to know why I prefer purchasing wigs when my own hair is healthy and good enough to flaunt. At first I didn’t had any answer not because I was lacking with the same rather because I was thinking hard which one should I mention first so the final answer I came up with was to ‘get new look every day’. But my dear friends this is not the only answer you can find in for this question as there are numerous reasons that can be listed.

For instance wearing lace wigs saves my time, especially when I am in rush and have no time to style my hair in best possible manner. In other words these wigs are pre-stylized which means all you have to do is wear them and bingo! You are done to look more presentable. 

Furthermore, these wigs provides me versatility, as you all should know that these lace wigs are available in numerous styles in the market which means I don’t have to think hard which style I have to work on and all I need is to pick a look and carry it with style and confidence. As style never goes out of fashion, same is with the wigs; these always enhance my look every time I use them. And last but not the least these wigs boost my self-esteem to the finest level.

So all in there are abundant reasons one can find to purchase these wigs, all you have to do is just select your way of style and choose the best wig that suits you well and follow up your personality.

Look and Feel Glamorous for less!

Lace Wigs
Lace Wig

Look and Feel Glamorous for less!
Hello all!

Labor day is over, the rush is settling down, you're back from vacation but ONE thing remains...YOU!

Isn't it about time you treated yourself? When you work hard and look after everyone around you, there are those special times when you should show yourself some appreciation.

The month has begun and to thank YOU for all your support through the summer, we are resuming the VIP upgrade campaign along with our BIG discount sale. 
Currently we have Bronze ($20 off), Gold ($40 off) and now Introducing our PLATINUM membership program where you will receive $50 off all orders over $200 and exclusive invitations to our private membership purchase opportunities. 
Beginning today, ALL new customers with purchases over $100 will be awarded a Bronze Membership. Current Bronze members will be upgraded to Gold and Gold members will be upgraded to Platinum. 

This is one of those unique opportunities. I know many of our Gold members understand the value of their membership during BIG sale events such as this one which we call

In addition, our Lace Wigs discount sale where you receive $5, $10, $15 and $25 off your purchase continues.

This is a limited time promotion while quantities last.

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