Look and Feel Glamorous for less!

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Look and Feel Glamorous for less!
Hello all!

Labor day is over, the rush is settling down, you're back from vacation but ONE thing remains...YOU!

Isn't it about time you treated yourself? When you work hard and look after everyone around you, there are those special times when you should show yourself some appreciation.

The month has begun and to thank YOU for all your support through the summer, we are resuming the VIP upgrade campaign along with our BIG discount sale. 
Currently we have Bronze ($20 off), Gold ($40 off) and now Introducing our PLATINUM membership program where you will receive $50 off all orders over $200 and exclusive invitations to our private membership purchase opportunities. 
Beginning today, ALL new customers with purchases over $100 will be awarded a Bronze Membership. Current Bronze members will be upgraded to Gold and Gold members will be upgraded to Platinum. 

This is one of those unique opportunities. I know many of our Gold members understand the value of their membership during BIG sale events such as this one which we call

In addition, our Lace Wigs discount sale where you receive $5, $10, $15 and $25 off your purchase continues.

This is a limited time promotion while quantities last.


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