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Tips for Buying Lace Wigs

Before buying any wig you should know everything about wigs‬. Which will suit to your face because wigs having different shapes and sizes, custom-made and ready-made. The use of each has its own merits and drawbacks. When you decide to go in Lace Wig, there are certain important points you need to keep in mind. To read the points click here http://thelacewigsstore.com/about-wigs.php

What Do You Think About This Beautiful Hairstyle?

Kylie Jenner's Hair

What Do You Think of Kylie Jenner's Hair?

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What Do You Think of Katrina Laverne Taylor aka Trina's Hairstyle?

What Do You Think of Katrina Laverne Taylor aka Trina's Hairstyle?

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Lace Wigs - Explaining Half Lace and Full Lace Wigs & Why They are Great for Your Hair

If you are looking for a wig to give your head of hair a break from weaves, having either a half lace wig or a full lace wig is a great way to do it. Here at Perfect Locks, we use only the finest Remy Indian hair in our lace products. The wavy and curly patterns are absolutely beautiful. Discover how half  and full wigs can conveniently and easily give you a glamorous hairstyle. We see many customers using this product when they want to give their scalp a break from weaves. We'll explain a bit about how they work so you can decide which wig is best for you.
Half Lace Wigs
Lace front half wigs come in several different hair styles. Straight, Wavy, and Curly Indian hair lace wigs all cover your crown from ear to ear. A curly lace front is a great alternative to weaves because it does not damage your hairline.
Full Lace Wigs
Indian Remy full lace wigs are made from 100% Remy Indian hair. Your hair comes full of gorgeous texture and color. Wigs are easy to apply and give you a full luscious look right away! Purchase full, wavy, and curly full lace wigs on our site for a great price!
What's the Difference Between Full and Half Lace Wigs?
A lace front wig only has lace in the front and cannot be parted at all. A full lace wig can be parted all over because there is more hair. You can use your full lace wig to wear an updo and even a high ponytail.
How to Clean your Full and Half Lace Wigs
After a few weeks of wearing your half or full lace wig, it's normal to see some mild build up. You may especially start seeing build up around your hairline where the glue is exposed. Clean your hairline and wig every time you get ready to reapply it. Clean both of these areas with an alcohol spray (at least 90%) and be sure to sanitize everything as well. Clean up all of the glue and make sure the old glue is completely gone before you apply new glue. We may cover more detailed instruction on how to clean your wigs in a future post.
For learning how to apply your full and half lace wigs, we'll also cover this in a future post. If you are already familiar with application, that's great! Just be sure to keep both your scalp and the line where you apply the glue on your hair wig clean. We hope that you'll try a wig sometime, it's great to give your tresses a break from a weave! Treat your locks beautifully and you'll look gorgeous in return!

Helpful Tips to Real Human Hair Extensions

The reason I say this is their first mistake is because most people desire to buy the most readily useful hair extensions that they can however determine that they don't have sufficient money for them. Remember this as the better the hair extensions appear and the longer they last mean they charge more as well. Individual hair extensions have cultivated common over the years. These extensions are very different from wigs that fully cover someone's head. As an alternative, they are built to blend into existing tresses in an all natural appearing way. Hair extensions have grown to be a growing number of popular within the last few decades. 

Hair extensions are a simple means through which one can significantly alter along their hair You just have to learn if long hair is suitable to your or not, before for you go for true hair extensions. Clip in hair extensions are only the easiest way to show your style and personality. They are easy to use and in contrast to appropriately used extensions they can be removed and developed as your mood goes. Permanent extensions are generally worn to benefit about a couple of months, while show in extensions may be changed as you wish. With numerous tones designed for you to choose from the mixtures are lots and diverse. 

While braided or twisted hair extensions may move the real hair, and destroy the roots. Hair expansion price is still another major disadvantage of hair extensions. Firstly, you'll need certainly to select a hair extension which fits you, what this means is it blends with your natural hair. Both, real and synthetic extensions could be expensive. Also, with hair coloring the cost might increase. Therefore, you'll need to pay great deal of money, if a quality hair extension is wanted by you. Human hair extensions have now been around because the dawn of time. The first hair extensions were created from doll hair They were artificial, shredded, matted up and couldn't be easily cared for. 

In the hair industry hair that has been cut in the exact same direction as a pony tail is called virgin hair. Human hair that's found in wigs and extensions arises from two main sources; Asia and Europe. The hair that comes from Asia is recognized as Indian hair. Indian hair is straight, thin and strong and European hair is slightly wavy. In the event that you own or need to own real human hair extensions regardless of whether it is Indian, Peruvian, Cambodian, Chinese or Scandinavian read Rachel's history and help you! My husband likes human hair. I have decided to just carry my organic hair or synthetic hair. 

Keratin hot melt stuff sticks in various tone and colors, and specific bonding glues are utilized to install real hair extensions. Additionally there are pre-bonded hair extensions offering a fairly much less unpleasant experience. These procedures all require a skilled secretary. Failure to correctly search after glued or glued real hair extensions is usually the purpose why harm does occur. Cut on individual hair extensions have a convenience and versatility that another types of hanging individual hair extensions don't. They do not have for working for times or weeks earlier in the day to needing for being replaced. Their very show on personality shows that the individual could unclip them earlier to going to bed. 

Hair extensions really are a easy and quick solution to add size and length to your hair. Based on Diane Carol Bailey, author... Curling clip-in hair extensions is an easy method to make the extensions look natural... The Tips about Style Individual Hair Extensions, Hair Extension Variations & Prom A few ideas. Having individual hair extensions done right isn't any mean task. It can take a long time and can cost about $5000 there could be particular treatments to keep the extensions looking good and regular trips to the salon to be sure everything is still small and looking good.

How to Fit Your Lace Wig and Remove Your Lace Wig

How to fit your Lace Wig using lace wig bond or wig tape and how to remove your wig using lace release solution.

Lace Wig Preparation

Step 1 – Fit the lace wig to your head ensuring it fits correctly around the headline. It should be perfectly aligned on each ear tab.

Step 2 – Remove the wig from your head. Begin trimming excess lace along the hairline. Start from bottom right front to the center and repeat on the left side. Get as close to the natural hairline as possible for the most natural look. Be careful not to cut the baby hairs in front by cutting in too far.
Step 3 – Brush or comb the lace wigs free falling hair upwards and away from the attachment area. Clip and secure the hair up for better control. Position the lace wig unit back on your head.
Step 4 – Roll the perimeter of the lace wig backwards and away from the headline to prepare for the bond or tape application.

Lace Wig Bond Application
Step 1  Cleaning the hairline: Apply alcohol to the hairline using alcohol swab to remove any excess make-up and oil from the band application area

Step 2 – Applying Lace Wig bond: Use the brush applicator to apply a thin layer of the bond around the hairline. Allow to dry for 2-5minutes so that the bond becomes tacky but not sticky. Or alternatively use wig tape to adhere the wig to your head.
Step 3 – Adhering the lace wig: Affix the lace netting to the bond by using your fingers, press the bond into the netting until the lace wig is securely in place.
Step 4 – Allow to dry: Make sure the areas of the hairline are securely attached. Wait 10 minutes to allow the adhesive to dry completely.
Step 5 - Style as usual

Lace Wig Bond Remover System
Step 1 – Apply a generous amount of remover. Allow the bond to completely loosen and remove the lace wig (Do not pull). Reapply more remover after 2 minutes if not sufficiently loosened.
Step 2 – Gently lift the lace wig unit away from your head.
Step 3 – To ensure all traces of glue or tape are removed from the headline, apply more remover to the headline, rub gently to soften and dissipate the bond.

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How to Apply a Thin-Skin Lace Wig

Lace wigs come in many different styles, including full-lace, lace-front and thin-skin. Thin-skin lace wigs are a popular choice because they give a more natural appearance than regular lace wigs, which allow adhesive to shine through the lace’s hairline. Thin-skin units also have a more secure fit than traditional lace wigs.


  • Secure your natural hair to lay flat on your head, either by braiding your hair into small cornrows or wrapping the hair tightly around the circumference of your head and pinning it.
  • Put the thin-skin unit onto your head. Adjust until it is in the desired position.
  • Use the scissors to trim the excess thin-skin material off the lace unit until it nearly meets your natural hairline. Leave a bit of thin-skin material remaining right before your natural hairline so that you can glue the thin skin to your natural skin instead of gluing it to your hair.
  • Use an eyebrow pencil to lightly outline the thin-skin hairline after it has been cut. Remove the lace-wig unit from your head.
  • Apply a thin coat of lace-wig adhesive to the outlined area in front of your natural hairline. Many lace-wig adhesives contain an applicator brush. If you have no applicator brush, purchase a small glue brush from an arts-and-crafts supplier. Allow about 10 minutes for the adhesive to become tacky, or sticky to the touch. If you apply too much adhesive, simply spray oil sheen onto the area and wipe away the excess.
  • Position the thin-skin unit on your head as you did in step 3. Starting at the front of your head, press the thin-skin material onto the adhesive. Continue pressing the thin skin around the circumference of your head until the unit is completely installed. Because the glue will still be tacky for a few minutes, you can shift the wig around to ensure it is in the desired position.

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