How to wear a lace front wig easily and quickly

Wearing wigs are the latest trends and this is an addition to the existing fashion. These days not only bald people but everyone can wear a wig and it is for the fashion purpose. Wigs that are made up of thin lace base at the hairline are known as lace front wigs. This is made in such a way just as to give the most natural look at the hairline portion. Along with giving a natural look it allows you to style the hair off the face and the wig is even not revealed. Some wigs are entirely made of lace i.e. full lace wigs, some can extend from ear to ear and some extend only across the temple.

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The lace front wig is extremely delicate and you to be very careful while handling it or wearing it. It is not to difficult to wear the lace wig just you need is a little bit of practice and you will become proficient in the act. You need to follow the following steps while wearing the lace front wigs. The steps are below:
  • Firstly, it is important that you clean your face with soap and water.
  • Then, on the skin around the peripheral of the hairline you need to rub isopropyl rubbing alcohol.
  • Around the perimeter of the hairline you now apply a thin layer of skin protectant and allow it to dry completely.
  • Now, to the natural hairline apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive glue similarly as above allow it to dry.
  • Now very carefully and neatly place the wig on your head and position it.
  • Finally, hold the lace wig firmly for a minute and allow it to settle.
Therefore, your lace front wig is done and you look very different for your regular look. This is done so easily and quickly once you get into practice.


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