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Hi there! 

During this busy season, you can easily get caught up in gift buying, events incorporated with your daily life schedule. Therefore, I thought this friendly reminder may help. 
Year End Sale

If you have yet to check your emails or perhaps you glanced over the promotion and did not realize it was from us; whatever the reason, I thought I would send you a personal email, advising you of the Year End Sale. 

The sale gives an an extra 10% off custom and in stock orders including clearance items that are $100 or more. In addition, you can use your VIP coupon card either online or at the store. 

It also stipulates that it does not apply to installment orders (i.e. custom orders) but  rules can be bent for customers like you! :)

Therefore, advise me if you are interested in something on the website or a custom hairpiece and I will assist you to the best of my ability. 

Here is the link again to view the inventory:


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