Kapenzo Hair Sytems Catalogue; Especially made for you!

Want to know everything you need to k now about wigs and its magic?

A Kapenzo Hair Systems Catalogue is especially made for you! A 32-page catalogue about our sister company Kapenzo that is packed up with tips, and what is Kapenzo all about. You get to know North America's prominent supplier for full and front lace wigs, up-close for only $4.99!

The Catalogue includes the following information:

1. About Kapenzo
2. Types of Hair Provided
3. Types of Cap Construction
4. Types of Lace Wigs
5. Types of Hair Systems
6. Photos of Hair Systems and Lace Wigs
7. Custom Order Template
8. About Kapenzo Hair and Wig Serum
9. Hair Extensions

To order, visit us at The Lace Wigs Store or order directly here


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