Nape lifting? How to achieve a Long Lasting Bond at the Nape.

Attaching the nape of a lace forward-facing wig can be challenge for even the most knowledgeable lace expert. To begin, you can't see what you're doing, and many women have a lot of hair on our necks which delays with the glue bond. This can quickly lead to prevention as the adhesive either will not twig at all, or when it does it will not stay fused for any distance of period.

Many women often wonder what it is that they are doing wrong that makes them unable to get the nape bond right. In my experience, I've found that there are usually pretty simple reasons why someone might not be have to maintain a successful hold at the nape, and with a few adjustments, every woman can have a flawless nape application. If you are having problems with your nape hold, read the following guide carefully and consider what changes you can make to you application routine to get better results.

Wig Size
One of the greatest significant stages to getting a decent nape request begins before you even receive your unit. It starts at the point when you take your measurements and order your unit. I have found that one of the biggest saboteur of lace wig applications is trying to apply a too small unit.

When to come to securing the nape, the "front to nape" measurement is by far the most important. The front to nape is the measurement that begins at the forehead and ends at the nape of the neck. If this measurement is too short, you simply will not be able to pull your unit far enough down in the back to glue it properly. When measuring your head, if you are unsure about any of the measurements it is better to err on the side of caution and order a unit slightly too big than too small. You can always trim a too large unit, but if your unit is too small, you won't have many options.

Another important element of achieving a lasting nape bond is the placement of your wig. The nape of a lace front wig should be bonded in the "bend" of your neck, not below. To locate this area, hold your head all the back and look up at ceiling. Feel the crease that forms at your nape? The bottom of your unit should be applied just above this crease. It really doesn't matter what adhesive you use, if your unit is bonded below the nape, or the bend in the neck, it will not hold. The adhesive will release from the natural bending and pivoting of your neck.

Too Much Nape Hair
Ok, so now that you've situated the area where you should be insertion your unit, you have to consider whether or not you have too much nape hair to get a decent hold.
One thing is clear, and that is that lace wigs do not bond well to hair. Many women shave the additional hair below the crease in order to achieve a better bond. Now, I must clarify this point. This does not mean that you should shave the back of your head. I am not suggesting that you shave anything above the bend in your neck. As a matter of fact, all of your hair should be braided up and growing while you are wearing lace wigs.

Whether you decide to shave or not, keep in mind that in order to have a truly flawless nape application, this may be a necessary step for women with a lot of hair at the nape.

As another, if you don't want to shave your nape, then you may to try parting your hair just above the crease and putting the adhesive in the part. Tape does not stick very well to hair at all, so if you try this method you will need to use a liquid adhesive in the part. 

Handle With Care
Once you do get your nape applied securely, it is important to handle your unit gently. Do not pull at the back of the lace front wig when styling your hair in a ponytail, or updo. Remember the hair is just glued, or taped down - it isn't nailed down. The less stress that you place on your adhesive, the longer your bond will last.

The simplest element, but a very significant factor nonetheless.
Hang in there, Ladies! You are all capable of achieving a perfect nape application. It just takes a little practice.

Ok, so that's it for today!
I welcome all of your comments, experiences, and questions. If you have an idea for a topic you would like to see covered in Lace Wigs 101, let us know. We want to hear from you!

Until next time Ladies, Stay Fabulous!


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