It's Not The Wig Its The Application!

To my understanding many people have a negative connotation about lace wigs. To the point where when doing a twitter search alone people openly express that they hate lace wigs, lace fronts, people that wear lace fronts. I have even read overtly harsh tweets of people saying ludicrous things like people who wear lace fronts should die or the inventor of lace fronts should be dead and rumors about lace fronts causing cancer.

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Okay I feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If that's how you truly feel than so be it. That's how you feel I cannot change the opinions of others and I am not going to try to. 

However I will address this. I am a lace wig designer and I strongly feel that the inventor of lace wigs is brilliant. Not alone for money making purposes and dipping into the African American hair market which is part of a 9 billion dollar industry, but more importantly for giving cancer patients that ability to wear a realistic hair piece after losing their hair as a result of treatments.

Can you imagine how devastating it would be to lose ALL of your hair not by choice?

Additionally, lace fronts help those that suffer from Alopecia. They give people that suffer from trichotillomania hair confidence and the ability to wear a hair piece without being bullied. Plus they help burn patients and others that have medically related hair ailments.

Plus, many females rock lace fronts for cosmetic reasons and convenience purposes and nothing is wrong with that.

Lace front wigs are about making women look and feel beautiful. Giving her the ability to have a style that she desired and a more realistic hairline.

So I applaud the inventor of lace fronts and I applaud lace wig consultants and lace wig designers who dare to take the challenge to make lace wigs or sell them and don't stop or be discouraged because what you do is great.

Now for those of you that despise lace fronts. I honestly don't think you despise the wig itself you don't care for the way they are applied when applied incorrectly that is. Many people do not know how to apply lace front wigs correctly and how to achieve an undetectable hairline. That's where my job comes in - not to hate on them, but to help through teaching them proper application techniques.

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Just like someone can be a beautiful person but had a bad make up job. Its not necessarily the make-up that was bad it was an incorrect application,wrong choice of shade, or overdone makeup. The same thing with lace front wigs. Its not the wig its the application people. Its an unrealistic hairline, too much glue, or simply put a wig that doesn't fit.

Just like this can be solved with make-up you learn to apply better by being taught or practicing over and over again. The same applies to a bad weave. The same applies to applying  a lace front or full lace unit. You are taught or you have to practice over and over again to get it right. Or you can seek a professional and have it applied correctly. 

With that being said, I love lace fronts and full lace wigs. They have changed the lives of others drastically for the better. So if you rock them - rock on and wear them with pride!

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