Avoiding Glue in Baby Hair of Lace Front Wig

You've applied your lace front wig and achieved a good bond. There's only one problem, your baby hair is plastered down on your forehead because there's glue in the hair. It seems like such a tiny amount, but you can't get it out and restore the fluffy, free look that your baby hair once had.

Getting glue stuck in the baby hair of a lace front wig is one of the common aggravations of a novice. But don't give up, I have several tips to avoid the problem.

First, make sure there is no adhesive applied beyond your desired hairline.Often novices assume they know where their hairline should, or will be once they've applied their lace front. Not necessarily so. For women who intend to place the hairline of the lace front just outside of their own hairline, this could be a safer bet. However, there could be spots -- especially at the top of the forehead -- where you may need to place the hairline just slightly higher. For women who no longer have a hairline, or who would like to create a lower hairline, guessing where the hairline should be could result in adhesive being applied beyond the hairline you ultimately would like to achieve.

The solution is to position the lace front wig -- before applying -- on your head and playing around with the hairline, by moving it up and down until it is positioned in the ideal place for you. Then mark that position, by lightly outlining with an eyebrow pencil. Remove wig, or roll the hairline back, and apply adhesive right at the line making sure no adhesive is outside of the line. This will ensure that there is no adhesive applied beyond the area where you desire to place your wig.

When prepping the lace front wig for application, make sure all of the baby hair is clipped back. After the lace has been cut back to the hairline, using clips, simply go around the perimeter of the wig to clip the baby hair back from the hairline. This will ensure that there is no baby hair hanging over the edge of the hairline to get stuck in the glue until after your wig has been applied.

Make sure the adhesive is not wet, but tacky to the touch, when you place the wig down on your forehead to bond. Wet glue WILL seep along the hairline and through the cap of the lace front wig and get into the hair. As a result, when you release the baby hair to arrange it along your hairline, glue will already be in the baby hair. Trying to remove this glue with 99% alcohol, or the remover, may work to a degree. However, it won't be to your satisfaction AND you will not be able to avoid releasing the bond.

When pressing the wig down onto the glue, do not use your fingers. When you use your fingers, you will get glue on them. Once glue gets on your fingers, it will get on the hair, usually the baby hair. Instead, tap lightly with your finger tip, or fingernail, then press firmly with the back end of a comb. Pressing with a comb keeps the hair on the other side of the comb while pressing.

Your entire application process, including keeping glue out of the baby hair, will improve with patience and practice.

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