Full Lace Wigs vs Hair Extensions

Will it be a full lace wig or do you stick with the hair extensions you know and love?

That is the question many of our clients are asking. The answer is "whatever you are most comfortable wearing is the best thing for you". Having said that we thought it would be nice to give you as much information as possible to make this decision as easy as possible.

Lace Wigs
·                     Application and removal of the Lace Wig can be done yourself
·                     You can part your hair anywhere you want including down the centre and put it up in a high ponytail
·                     No excessive itching...so you can put away the rat tail comb.
·                     Your head can breathe through the wig so your hair will dry quickly.
·                     Since each hair is hand tied the hair will move in a natural way
·                     You don't feel or see any tracks
·                     More value: although there may be a higher initial cost for a lace wig, you save money by replying the unit yourself.
·                     You have complete versatility in the style you are wearing. You can have bangs one day, pulled back the next
·                     No need to worry about your own hair since it is all hidden under the wig...it gets a well needed break

·                     You must learn how to properly apply the unit
·                     Finding the right adhesive for you, there are many different types of adhesives on the market, how long they last depends on your personal body chemistry
·                     Reapplication is usually required every 3 to 4 weeks
·                     Clean-up of the unit prior to reapplication, this can take quite a long time depending on the type of adhesive that is used.
·                     Can pull the hair around the hairline out if not applied or removed correctly.


·                     Does not need to be reapplied for up to 3 months
·                     No need to worry about lifting of adhesive
·                     Lower initial investment when compared to wigs

·                     Does not give a natural hairline
·                     Limited styling due to tracks
·                     Cannot pull your hair back unless some of your hair is left out unless you are using the MyMy weave whcih gives you a very natural look
·                     Natural hair which is left out must be processed to match the wefted hair, this sometimes causes breakage
·                     Can feel like a hat depending on the weave technique that your stylist uses
·                     Can take a long time to dry sometimes causing odour depending on the weave technique
·                     Can be very itchy
·                     Tracks can be visible, especially in a strong wind
·                     Can pull the hair on your hairline out if the hair is braided too tightly

There is good and bad in every product, the best thing is to properly educate yourself not only on the good but more so on the bad so you fully understand the nature of the product you are purchasing.

If you don't see yourself giving up your extensions but want the versatility of the Lace Wig, opt for a Full Lace Closure. It gives you the versatility of a lace wig, allowing you to pull your hair back; have bangs one day or have a part the next... and you can keep the security of your beloved extensions at the back.

If you Love the versatility of the Full Lace Wig but want the added security of Hair extensions opt for sewing your lace wig to tracks. Braid your hair as usual but instead or using adhesive to secure your unit leave a little of your hair out around the hairline and sew the wig to the track around the circumference of your head. You now don’t have to worry about reapply adhesive or fixing it if it begins to lift.

The more you know the better decisions will you will make and the less disappointment you will experience.

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